Things you never Seen in The Sopranos’ first Installment

Things you never Seen in The Sopranos’ first episode

Through one in season 6’s opener of Junior’s dementia-induced rants, we learn that he was stabbed at by Little Pussy metaphorically. Some time in Little Pussy, Junior and the’70s went in and Junior thought his partner in crime. Tony reminds Junior that Malanga offscreen and has been dead for six years, implying that the hit happened somewhere else, although as planned back in season 1.  Later in the episode, Junior shoots at him in the stomach and apparently mistakes Tony for Little Pussy. This not only brings the Malanga plot full circle, but also plays out his threat that,”Something might have to be done… about Tony,” that he brought up in the pilot when Tony meddled in his hit.

In the pilot, Junior plans to have old enemy Gennaro”Little Pussy” Malanga killed. The hit has to take place in Small Pussy’s favorite joint, Vesuvio, a restaurant owned by Tony Soprano’s (James Gandolfini) friend Artie (John Ventimiglia). Tony schemes for Vesuvio temporarily closed, knowing that a mafia hit the premises will destroy the business of Artie with his fancy clients. He resorts to having it burned down, knowing Artie can claim the insurance money.  Junior does not, of course, forgive and forget Tony betrayal. In actuality, it apparently only serves to entwine Tony. 

Junior Soprano (Dominic Chianese) was not known for getting over grudges, and we know about one of his longest-running ones in the very first episode.

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