The unexpected action thriller that’s crushing it

The unexpected action thriller that’s crushing it on Netflix

A brilliant mechanic and unrepentant thief, Lino has been awarded leniency for his most recent run-in with the law — an attempted jewelry store smash-and- grab where a car was used for the”smash” portion of the equation — in order to assist with souping up police cars together with his protégé, Quentin. He’s introduced to a group of elite police officers — motorists skilled in the art of this high-speed chase — that will benefit from his work, but he runs into a minor problem: Following a random shooting where the victim loses his life, Lino is accused of the murder. He knows there’s just one thing that can clear his name: a bullet fired during the crime, which became lodged in a supercharged red Renault.
Lino has 24 hours to find the car containing the bullet that is missing, get it into the police, and prove his innocence. In doing this, of course, he runs afoul of the real perpetrators of this murder — but it turns out that Lino is not just a skilled mechanic. He also appears to be good with his fists and feet.

The action here is mild on explosions and gunfire, and heavy on nerve-jangling car and fisticuffs chases. It’s sort of like your typical American actioner with all of the fat neatly trimmed away — and that’s an excellent thing.

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