The Simpsons reference you missed in Rick and Morty’s Vat of Acid Incident

At first, Morty uses the rescue device to satisfy his darkest inclinations. In one interaction that is particularly cringe-worthy, he comes upon an old man sitting idly by a crosswalk in a wheelchair. Morty pretends to offer his assistance, and rather dumps the poor guy unceremoniously. He makes the man across the street after undoing this act of unspeakable cruelty with his apparatus. You missed that pub In the event you were focused on the interaction between the man and Morty.

It makes sense that Harmon would choose to use this Springfield watering hole that is small to honor his predecessor in the world of animation. Locations in television history are as iconic as Moe’s Tavern. There is the Seinfeld diner and the coffee shop from Friends, of course. Perhaps an argument could be made for the Bada-Bing from The Sopranos, but that’s pretty much it. Atmosphere is occupied by moe’s Tavern. 

By the end of the episode, it turns out that Morty’s device does not work whatsoever how he intended, and Rick actually invented the little gadget to be an elaborate and catastrophic lesson for his mouthy grandson. The lesson to the audience, of course, is don’t blink unless you want to miss one of Harmon’s smart references on Rick and Morty.

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