The real reason Why These South Park episodes were Stored off HBO Max

The real reason these South Park episodes were kept off HBO Max

As the television landscape changes, creators must react and respectfully engage their pasts as best as possible, and obviously, South Park is not the only show looking closely at its own heritage.

Some actors are opting to vacate roles to make room as more creatives grapple with their own pasts. Actresses Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell have left their animated displays — Big Mouth and Central Park, respectively — with the full support of their respective creative teams. Both were voicing Black characters, and have acknowledged that a Black actor must fill those roles going forward.

2020 has been demonstrated to be an overwhelming moment in civil rights, not only in america, but throughout the world. Television and film has been re-examining certain pieces of their past and putting some out to pasture, beyond these five South Park episodes.

Meanwhile, shows like 30 Rock, Scrubs, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have pulled episodes from streaming that feature blackface, an offensive heritage based on Jim Crow-era minstrel shows. Regardless of the fact that the creators of these shows definitely meant to make fun of people that would think using blackface is acceptable, showrunners like Tina Fey have confessed that the mere depiction is hurtful, and the episodes are now gone from the streaming landscape.

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