The real Motive

The real Motive The Last Airbender never got a sequel

Shyamalan has spent most of his career — and most of his finest creative years — working inside the twisty mystery-thriller genre. The Happening and Lady in the Water May Not be as good as The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable, but the Glass manager knows what he is good at and what tales he wants to tell.
“For the last 10 years, I have been working in a cottage industry of the supernatural. Unfortunately, h’ed need to wait for Split, and the surprise twist that tied it to Unbreakable, to head up a franchise of his own.
The CGI was an essential part of the film, but it was not the most complex visual element involved. The budget for the first of three movies included an extra $5 to $10 million to convert it just a couple of months before its July 2010 release. The 3D conversion resulted in scenes being deleted to ease an embryonic release, leaving noticeable and large holes . Not only was the story scrambled, but it was also hardly Shymalan’s Star Wars, since the studio and director seemed to believe it could be.

“It takes so long to create those CGI movies,” Shyamalan said.” ‘It’s hard because it takes two/three years, and I don’t get to make two of my movies, so there’s always a struggle of picking someone else’s material over my own.”

At a 2015 interview with Metro UK, Shyamalan revealed that he prefers to tell his own stories as opposed to adapting source material that isn’t his own as he did with The Last Airbender. He told the socket that the movie project did take him out of his element of original content, but also required a lot of time to do due to all its effects.

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