The Origins Of The 1997 ‘Justice League Of America’ Pilot

The Origins Of The 1997 ‘Justice League Of America’ Pilot

While filming in Vancouver, the manufacturers knew the pilot was not what they wanted. They contacted movie director Lewis Teague to help make things work. Teague was not able to polish up the project for CBS. He tried his best, but he asked not to be credited for the product.

DC Entertainment/Multiversity Comics

In 2017, the popular DC Comics superhero team Justice League made its way to theatres worldwide. While fans were blended on the final product, they were glad to see them teaming up against the bad guys. But did you know that in the’90s, the team made their introduction before the movie, to intriguing results?

CBS may have deleted this experiment but the movie can be viewed on the web. Into the streaming service, Dailymotion consumer Kryptofreak uploaded the pilot in 2015. This is the only place to watch it in its complete form. A good chunk of this pilot is on YouTube, but it is in German. With the internet’s power, this part of comic book history will live on forever. It was not all bad, though–The Justice League of America pilot walked so Smallville and the Arrowverse could operate.
As expected, the show didn’t get picked up by the network, and the pilot never aired again on U.S. television. Surprisingly enough, it did make its way overseas. In 2001, the pilot aired in Israel and the U.K., and it aired in Germany in 2005.
To characters, some large changes were made for the pilot. Ice, who was played by Kimberly Oja, was an American meteorologist instead of a Norse princess. Her powers were gained by the character instead of having ice abilities. Weather Wizard was renamed The Weather Man for the show. The villain was a meteorologist and the rival of Ice while he was a criminal from the books. Fortunately, the members, such as Green Lantern and Atom, had backstories.
In 1997, CBS wanted a TV series based on the comic book characters. Upon hearing the news, comic book fans were on board. The network spent the’70s bringing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Wonder Woman to life. This was their opportunity.

justice league
This pilot hit a road bump when the network wasn’t permitted to use Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman on the show. The cast for the series showed some promise. Gossip Girl star Matthew Settle suited up as Green Lantern, and M*A*S*H star David Allen Ogden Stiers returned into the network to portray Martian Manhunter.

So Many Changes Produced

The reviews for the TV movie didn’t sit well with fans and critics alike. The costumes for the pilot took a plethora of criticism. They opted for the pilot for mascara, while Fire wears a mask from the books. Another flaw involved the overall presentation of with the pilot. It borrowed heavily from MTV’s The Real World, which was popular with adolescents in the’90s. With Justice League members discussing how they felt in the moment, the pilot would cut.

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