The Origins Of The 1997 ‘Justice League Of America’ Pilot

In 2017, the popular DC Comics superhero team Justice League made its way to theaters worldwide. They were glad to see them teaming up against the bad guys while fans were mixed on the last item. But did you know that the team made their live-action debut to interesting results?

We Are The League

To a lot of characters, some changes were made for the pilot. Ice, who was played by Kimberly Oja, was an American meteorologist instead of a Norse princess. The character gained her powers through a weather control machine instead of having natural ice abilities. Weather Wizard was renamed The Weather Man for the show. The villain was the rival of Ice and a meteorologist while he was a criminal from the comic books. Fortunately, the members, including Atom and Green Lantern, had backstories similar to their comic book counterparts.

Extremely Limited Airings

So Many Changes Made

DC Entertainment/Multiversity Comics
In 1997, CBS wanted a TV series based on the comic book characters. Comic book fans were on board, upon hearing the news. The network spent the’70s bringing Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man to life. CBS kicked off the’90s with The Flash, but the show only lasted one season. This was their opportunity.

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