The Motive Paget Brewster Abandoned Criminal Minds

The real reason Paget Brewster Abandoned Criminal Minds

Although Paget Brewster’s tenure on Criminal Minds was certainly a bumpy ride, it appears that her love of working on the show and her fellow castmates more than made up for the unfortunate network conclusion that resulted in her leaving in the first location.

Other than two star stints stayed off the show until season 12. The end of season 11 saw two key departures for Criminal Minds in the kind of original cast members Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson, who was fired due to his volatile on-set behavior (via Variety). It was disclosed that — in addition to new series regulars Aisha Tyler and Adam Rodriguez — Brewster would be returning to the show, After the cast for season 12 was announced. She stayed a routine until the series’ cancelation.

Although Brewster loved working on Criminal Minds, being fired left a bad taste in her mouth. She described feeling”forced” to return for the two seasons she appeared on after the statement was made, and ultimately realized she could no longer continue.

As she described to AV Club:”So I did this last year, and then I said,’I like everyone here, but I realize now, having left, that my heart is not in it.’ And that’s what they wrote for Emily Prentiss: They wrote Emily Prentiss saying,’Since I have come back, I have realized that my heart is not in it, and I would like to do other things.'”

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