The classic Star Wars toy you never noticed on The Mandalorian

The Imperial Troop Transport stormed Christmas lists everywhere when it debuted in 1979. Although never featured in the original film, the plastic automobile’s companion literature clarified that it was a re-creation of the very same model used by the forces of Darth Vader in pursuit of R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tatooine. Fans will keep in mind that Princess Leia had jettisoned to the desert planet the two droids to protect the Death Star plans in the face of the imminent boarding and her catch that is inevitable of Lord Vader.

While the arrival of the Kenner Transportation on The Mandalorian does, in fact, represent the first live-action look of the vehicle, prior Star Wars projects in other media have already beaten Favreau to the punch.

All eight episodes of The Mandalorian season 1 are now streaming on Disney+, as though you did not already know. Don’t blink during event 7, otherwise you may miss the Kenner Transport in all of its glory.
The Kenner toy comprised a unique sound module that played with six distinct audio clips, a significant innovation at the time (through It was built for cross-functionality with the stormtrooper action figures contemporaneously a significant impetus, available on the market to obtain an entire battalion. Successor company Hasbro currently sells an updated model of this toy, but if you would like the vintage model, they sell for around $80 from the box on eBay, and upwards of $350 with the packaging intact. 

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