The Burial of Kojo Picked Up By the ARRAY of Ava Duvernay

The Burial of Kojo Picked Up By Ava Duvernay’s ARRAY

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Released at Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:53:05 +0000

Deadline has brought word that, after its award-winning introduction in the 2018 Urbanworld Film Festival, The Burial of Kojo has been obtained by Ava Duvernay’s independent movie studio ARRAY for a launch on Netflix.
The Burial of Kojo marks ARRAY’s 22nd acquisition, expanding its set of inclusive and distinctive storytelling, namely this movie, which combines a familial narrative with magical realism and Afrofuturism.

ARRAY and Netflix have set a launch date for The Burial of Kojo for March 31, in addition to a limited theatrical release in america.

“Through his movie, director Samuel & ldquo; Blitz & rdquo weaves and issues to a tapestry that is gorgeous punctuated by fantasies and both play,” rsquo & ARRAY. “We’re proud to present the stunning Ghanaian movie, The Burial of Kojo, as our 22nd ARRAY acquisition. ”

The Burial of Kojo Picked Up By Ava Duvernay's ARRAY

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The movie, written and directed by musical artist and filmmaker Samuel “Blitz” Bazawule, follows the youthful Esi as she moves on a magical journey to locate her lost father and uncle, the latter of whom has trapped her dad in a mine shaft through an illegal mining expedition.
The acquisition comes soon after the studio also picked up the documentary MERATA: How Mum Decolonised the Screen from Hepi Mita highlighting his mom and her work as an activist and a Sundance Institute adviser that would lead her down the path to becoming the first native woman to direct a movie on her own.