‘Succession’ star James Cromwell back on Broadway after 28 years

‘Succession’ star James Cromwell back on Broadway after 28 years

There are loads of arresting performances on Broadway — but just one celebrity whose arrests outnumber his stage credits.

That’s James Cromwell, the”Babe” and”L.A. Confidential” star seen more recently on”American Horror Story: Asylum” and”Succession.” He’s currently playing with the curmudgeonly half a long-married couple in Bess Wohl’s”Grand Horizons,” his first Broadway show since a short-lived”Hamlet” in 1992.

A lot has happened onstage, the streets and in onscreen.

After protesting against a power plant near his log-cabin home in Orange County, 28,, as Cromwell told Page Six, he spent three days in jail. And he is under indictment in Texas following a PETA protest of animal testing at a university laboratory, a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail and a fine.

Arrests does that produce?

“I’ve kind of lost count,” he tells The Post with a chuckle. He turned 80 last month, however, sipping a green tea, looks hearty and hale in a sweater the color and texture of oatmeal. “They advised me to leave my Bernie T-shirt at home,” he says.

Actor James Cromwell is arrested after Power Plant protest with a U-Lock around his neck.
Actor James Cromwell is detained after Power Plant protest with a U-Lock around his neck.

Cromwell’s activism began more than a half-century ago, when his theater troupe performed”Waiting for Godot” to black audiences in Mississippi, where three civil-rights workers went missing. Mickey Schwerner, one of these and soccer with Cromwell, had played in high school in Pelham, NY. All three’s bodies were found buried in a dam.

“But for the grace of God, the White Citizens’ Councils and the local constabulary did not take us very seriously,” Cromwell says.

Someone who did was activist Fannie Lou Hamer, who saw their”Godot” and stood up after the first action. “She turned to the audience and said,’I want you to pay attention to these two men, because we’re not waiting for anybody. We’re taking what we need now!'”

Before heading to Hollywood, searching for work after that, Cromwell hitchhiked around the world. A friend, the son of CBS News correspondent Eric Sevareid, steered him to a network casting agent, who’d Cromwell read for Stretch Cunningham, Archie Bunker’s friend in”All in the Family.”

He got the gig –“I channeled Art Carney in’The Honeymooners,'” — and began work immediately. He soon found out why: the celebrity, Carroll O’Connor of The sitcom, had just quit. “He wanted his name above the title and $200,000 a show, and this was 1975,” Cromwell says. Stretch introduced a story arc ending with the departure of Archie, but O’Connor and CBS settled before that occurred.

“And that actually saved my career.”

Since he had not played Stretch long enough to be typecast, he went on to perform a string of movies and plays. But when he got the script for 1995’s “Babe,” he balked.

“I’d, I dunno, 17 lines, and that I did not know about CGI,” Cromwell says of this live-action film about a farmer and his sheepherding pig. A friend talked him into it”He said,’It’s a chance to go to Australia, and if the film fails, it is the pig’s fault!'”

©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Babe” did not fail, and Cromwell’s kindly, taciturn Farmer Hoggett became a meme:”That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.” It earned him an Oscar nomination.

Due to”Babe,” Cromwell says, Curtis Hanson throw him in 1997’s”L.A. Confidential” as the antithesis of the farmer: a corrupt, violent police lieutenant. Since then, his characters have toggled between the benign and the vicious. He’s got several new movies and TV series on the way, in addition to another season of”Succession,” a show he calls”extraordinary.” It features him that of the more principled brother of Logan Roy, in a role. The authors”don’t know what to do with me,” Cromwell says,”but they’ll include me in the next season.”

For now, there’s”Grand Horizons” at the Helen Hayes Theater, where, as a 14-year-old, he saw his first play. He’s happy to be onstage again, although it’s been decades since Cromwell’s played Broadway.

“I am much more comfortable now in front of people, particularly if I can address them right,” he says. “I like to break the fourth wall and let them know we’re in this together.”


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