Murph from Interstellar looks so familiar

Why Murph from Interstellar Seems so familiar

If you’re one of the legions of diehard fans devoted to The CW Network’s crackerjack high school sleuthing series, Veronica Mars, then you already know that the series as a bit of a proving ground for a generation of up-and-coming performers. If not, you should know that, in its own limited run, the cult hit observed the likes of Adam Scott, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Paul Rudd, Krysten Ritter, and a lot more pass.  Heck, even future Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan turned up on Veronica Mars for a five-episode arc. 

For the record, that’s hardly a criticism, as Veronica Mars remains one of the more intriguing small-screen confections ever to come from the The CW. So far as the series’ list of supporting players is concerned, few delivered the goods with the same verve as a then-all-but-unknown Jessica Chastain. Few have gone on to reach quite the success of the currently celebrity. 
One of those ranks stands Jessica Chastain, who left a appearance in a season 1 episode. The installation in question was titled”The Girl Next Door,” and found Chastain portraying a young, pregnant neighbor of Kristen Bell’s titular teen detective. When Chastain’s character suddenly goes missing, Mars suspects foul play, and sets out to discover the truth behind her neighbor’s disappearance. In doing this, she helps uncover another truth she never could’ve foreseen, which is sort of the modus operandi of each Veronica Mars episode or film ever produced.


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