Michael Bay to Produce Pandemic Thriller Songbird

Michael Bay to Produce Pandemic Thriller Songbird

Michael Bay to make pandemic thriller Songbird

What’s better than living in a pandemic? Why, watching films about pandemics, of course! That’s what Michael Bay is expecting. Based on Deadline, the Transformers director is set to team up with former Paramount production chief Adam Goodman to create the low-budget pandemic thriller Songbird — and the film is expected to go behind the cameras within five weeks.
Plot details place. The characters would cope with paranoia, government conspiracies and lockdowns.

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While details are a bit sketchy, the filmmakers are planning to work around the film regulations whilst prohibiting some scenes where actors engage, and adhering to rules that are distancing face to face.  Their plans were revealed by the filmmakers to the guilds, who gave them the green light. The trade notes the actors cast in the film will experience remote training, which is thought to mirror the kind of Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.

Bay is currently producing alongside Eben and Goodman Davidson of Invisible Narratives. Adam Mason (Into the Dark) will direct from a script by Simon Boyes.

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