Meghan and harry No Longer Must Follow These Rules

Harry and Meghan No Longer Must Follow These Rules

Furthermore, Archie is obliged to learn the royal etiquette- social rules popular with the aristocracy, and simply unavoidable for the royal family .
Bowing and curtseying are mandatory for royal kids (even to their great Grandmother, the Queen!) . So is dressing behaving in a mouse-quiet manner, and being’seen but not heard’, as the expression goes.

Archie’s Toybox is About to Get WAY Better

Wave Goodbye to the Royal Wave, Archie.

What’s in a Name, Anyway?

Now, this might appear a bit mean. Okay, at face value this seems a little harsh. However, thinking about the countless of toys and gifts bestowed on the little royals annually (Prince George was given 610 presents in 2014, according to People)they simply can’t keep them all.

Archie is a toddler right now, and little does he know that his life has radically changed! For better or better or worse, it is too early to say.  But, his life in the Golden State is guaranteed to be a whole lot different.
Meghan and Harry must be super relieved they don’t have to educate Archie”The Wave”. While it’s become slightly less static over time, it is still anticipated that the tradition is honored to a degree over the family.

With a little one to bring up, their lives have shifted significantly since the transfer to Canada, and then glowing LA.. Let us take a look at some of the royal rules that Harry, Meghan, and Archie have put behind them.
Centuries of Royal tradition. Tradition dictates that the time comes to name their baby and when a Royal couple conceives, they must pick from a small range of historically monarchical names. Customarily paying tribute to their ancestors, names such as Charles George or Edward are typically the day’s order.
Next time the birthday of Archie swings around, guess what? He’ll be keeping all his presents! There’ll probably still be too many to maintain, but truthfully with such parents as Harry and Meghan, what is not wanted will be donated.

Not just any royal, either. When the former Prince Harry was fulfilled by Meghan Markle — sixth in line she must’ve been over the moon. But, becoming a member of the British Royal family is not without its challenges. Eventually, Meghan and Harry made the move to distance themselves.

Er, maybe that one’s best left in Victorian times… For little Archie, his new life in laid-back LA will suffer no such constraints! Free from all royal expectations, he is going to be allowed to run, jump, and play around in the mud like other kids.
Fingers pressed the pious and fairly restrained hand wave that’s so quintessentially Queen-like is no fun for a toddler.
The young couple has flouted this habit, naming their kid Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Quite the royal names are, but not quite in keeping with the rules. With their next baby, they’ll be free from the constraints of baby names! Given the freedom, who knows, what’ll be next? Apple Mountbatten-Windsor, possibly?

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