May 2020 new Movies and TV Shows on Hulu



Ramy: Season 2 Premiere (Hulu Original)

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Holey Moley: Season 2 Premiere (ABC)
To Tell the Truth: Season 5 Premiere (ABC)

Story of the Soaps: Special (ABC)

Andy Explores: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Beat Bobby Flay: Complete Seasons 8, 9 (Food Network)
Caribbean Life: Complete Season 15 (HGTV)
Chopped: Complete Seasons 37-39 (Food Network)
Community en EspaƱol: Complete Series (NBC)
Drag Me: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Epic Conversations: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Quick N’ Loud: Complete Season 15 (Discovery Channel)
From the Test Kitchen: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Gold Rush: Complete Season 8 (Discovery Channel)
The Great: Series Premiere (Hulu Original)
The Fantastic Food Truck Race: Complete Seasons 8, 9 (Food Network)
Handcrafted: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Iconic Characters: Complete Season 2 (Conde Nast)
It Is Alive With Brad: Complete Season 2 (Conde Nast)
The Small Couple: Complete Seasons 13, 14 (TLC)
Molly Tries: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Murder in the Heartland: Complete Season 2 (ID)
Open Door: Complete Season 2 (Conde Nast)
On the Market: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
Property Brothers: Complete Seasons 12, 13 (HGTV)
Reverse Engineering: Complete Season 1 (Conde Nast)
73 Questions: Complete Season 2 (Conde Nast)
Street Outlaws: Complete Seasons 8, 9 (Discovery Channel)
Worst Cooks in America: Complete Season 14 (Food Network)

The Happy Days of Garry Marshall: Special (ABC)

It is a Disaster 

Spaceship Earth

Into the Dark: Delivered: New Episode Premiere (Hulu Original)
Solar Opposites: Series Premiere (Hulu Original)

Below you will find the listing of all of the latest and greatest TV shows and films linking the Hulu library in May. Anything particular you’re exited about?
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