Gabe from Sweet Magnolias Seems familiar

Why Gabe from Sweet Magnolias looks so familiar

Knox has been involved in comic book adaptations. He showed up in the low-budget, fan-made YouTube series Uncanny X-Men in just his second-ever look, back in 2012.  From there, the opportunities have gotten a little bit bigger, even if the functions have been modest. He played LaShawn on three episodes of this Arrowverse series Black Mirror , and is credited as”Stoner Dude” in 2018’s Venom. While that may be a fairly humble CV, clearly the manufacturers of Sweet Magnolias saw quite a bit of potential from the young actor.

Here’s a bit of a primer on Knox. The Atlanta-born actor is 27 years old, and he spent most of his life pursuing a career in music before his mind changed and set the path to starring in a Netflix show with him. That route has thus far been largely defined by roles in superhero stories.

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