Did a 1993 Simpsons episode predict the coronavirus and murder hornets?

So, while it may appear that The Simpsons predicted the coronavirus and murder hornets, it’s all just a spooky coincidence — meaning that fans unfortunately can’t scan the display’s back catalogue to determine how the world will recover from everything it’s facing now.

If it had just been the Osaka Flu, Simpsons lovers might not have had enough evidence to file for prophecy, but the addition of the killer bee attack does bear a startling resemblance to the actual conditions on the ground in 2020. Entomologists announced they discovered invasive Asian giant hornets in rural Washington for the first time.
Although fans love to run with notions of this series predicting the future, Bill Oakley, one of the episode’s writers, threw water on the idea that The Simpsons has any actual oracular ability.  Oakley told The Hollywood Reporter he didn’t”like [the episode] being used for nefarious purposes,” and noted that the show is not really prophetic. His main concern appears to be that some people could use the plot of”Marge in Chains” to fan the fires of unfounded conspiracy theories that the Chinese government was somehow intentionally involved in the creation or spread of the novel coronavirus.

But, The Simpsons is simply a tv series, not some sort of supernatural soothsayer. 

“The notion that anyone misappropriates it to make coronavirus seem to be an Asian storyline is terrible. Concerning attempting to place blame on Asia — I think that is gross,” Oakley said. “I believe the most antecedent to [Osaka Flu] was the Hong Kong flu of 1968. It was just supposed to be about how the flu got here a joke.  It was intended to be absurd that someone could cough into a box and the virus would survive for six. It is cartoonish. We intentionally made it cartoonish because we wanted it to be silly and not frightening, and not take any of these terrible relationships along with it.”

Did a 1993 Simpsons episode forecast murder hornets and the coronavirus?

He added that”there are hardly any cases where The Simpsons predicted something,” and it’s”mainly just coincidence because the episodes are so old that history repeats itself.”

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