Best picture winner’Parasite’ to Flow on Hulu

Very best picture winner’Parasite’ to stream exclusively on Hulu

Hulu has nabbed exclusively U.S. streaming rights to”Parasite,” the movie that made history as the first foreign-language movie to win best picture at this year’s Oscars.

Under a deal with indie studio Neon,”Parasite” will be available on Hulu starting Wednesday, April 8, the Disney-controlled streamer declared.

The movie from filmmaker Bong Joon Ho won four Academy Awards for best picture, international film, best director, and first screenplay (which Bong wrote with Jin Won Han).

The movie explores inequality in South Korea, after an impoverished, literally basement-dwelling family posing as qualified professionals to gain employment with a family.

“Parasite” was written and directed by Bong and includes a cast including his longtime collaborator Song Kang Ho, as well as Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam, Cho Yeo Jeong, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Sun Kyun and Chang Hyae Jin. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Palme d’Or top decoration of the festival.

Oscar-winning film "Parasite" will stream exclusively on Hulu in the U.S.
Oscar-winning movie”Parasite” will stream exclusively on Hulu from the U.S.Hulu

Hazal Kaya
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  1. Today a friend of mine said:
    Qayamat has come
    Me: How so?
    Friend: Coronavirus is a sign of Qayamat
    For a while i thought it’s end of the world but then i prayed to God for mercy.
    Hope everyone is fine stay blessed brothers and sisters

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  3. It is ironic that filiz (fiza) doesn’t know any other language except turkish in this drama whereas in real life hazal kaya knows four languages 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

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