Ben Schnetzer is the New Star of FX’s Y: The Last Man Adaptation

Ben Schnetzer is the New Star of FX’s Y: The Last Man Adaptation

Earlier this month, FX’s long gestating adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s acclaimed comic book series, Y: The Last Man, took a hit when Barry Keoghan left the project after two decades. However, FX has lined someone new to step into the role of escape artist Yorick Brown. Via Variety, Ben Schnetzer will portray Yorick on the series.

Schnetzer is perhaps best known for his roles in The Book Thief, Snowden, The Riot Club, and Pride. He also starred in the ABC series, Happy Town, as well as FX’s pilot for Gone Hollywood.

Within the original comic, Ampersand, Yorick and his helper monkey, were the lone mammals. As women inherit the Earth, the key of the survival of Yorick may give humanity a second chance for survival.

Diane Lane costars from the series Yorick’s mother, as Senator Jennifer Brown.  Imogen Poots will portray Hero, Yorick’s sister, while No Time To Die‘s Lashana Lynch plays Agent 355; the woman assigned to protect Yorick. Additionally, Marin Ireland, Juliana Canfield, and Amber Tamblyn have roles in the series.

Eliza Clark is the showrunner for Y: The Last Man, which will be executive produced by Melina Matsoukas. FX has also signed the pilot episode to be directed by Matsoukas, but the system has yet to decide on a date for the series.

What do you think about Ben Schnetzer as the new Yorick Brown? Let us know in the comment section below!

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