Amy Sedaris: Use bacon fat as sunscreen during coronavirus lockdown

Sedaris: Now you’re gonna begin getting some s–t in the mail from me.
“Our show already feels like it’s in quarantine since we never leave the freakin’ set,” she tells The Post. “We shot it inside of an’I Dream of Jeannie’ jar and now we’re all living inside of an’I Dream of Jeannie’ bottle. I just hope people don’t get that claustrophobic feeling, if they are stuck at home, seeing others stuck on a set.”
But viewers will have plenty of distractions. The former”Strangers With Candy” star and her cast of characters — including hardy, bouffant-rocking socialite Patty Hogg, played by Sedaris, and self-involved neighbor Chassie Tucker (series regular Cole Escola) — will stay occupied by turning her craft room into a nursery (rusty-nail crib mobile, anybody?) , giving a whirl to summer outdoor entertaining (well, perhaps after lockdown) and more.
The wild satire of a homemaking show — starring comedian and consummate crafter Amy Sedaris as a deluded domestic diva with a dark side — kicks off its third season at 10 p.m. Wednesday on TruTV. And 59, Sedaris, says shooting the show on a home last year, set felt like it was taken on lockdown.
Sedaris: Can you take baths, Cole?

"At Home With Amy Sedaris" features the star as Southern socialite Patty Hogg.
“At Home With Amy Sedaris” features the celebrity as Southern socialite Patty Hogg.

Escola: Date someone.
Sedaris: I am with him. I love the idea of a bath over a shower, but I am not in there long. I am out and in — it’s a waste of water.
Sedaris: Just save that bacon fat for everything!
Escola: The thing I’ve been doing more is purchasing online because I simply love awaiting the email and a bundle coming and not remembering what I ordered.


Sedaris: I sort of have that feeling now no matter what. I enjoy being at home. I enjoy it. But I am getting a little antsy.

Is your coronavirus quarantine driving you kooky?

How stir-crazy do you get?

Sedaris: My attention span is shorter. I have less patience. I don’t really have what it takes to watch a film and I don’t really want to listen to music; I do know what I want, you know? I have been able to read books, which has been fine, although you’re not busy running around, going in and out. I miss not seeing my godkids and I enjoy hanging out with friends, so this is missed by me.

Escola: No, I get in a tub and am like,’Well, I am here.’ As I do the ocean I sort of feel the same way. But when I go to the beach, I’m like, ‘Oh, pretty. I don’t really want stay. I get in a tub and I’m like,’OK, well, I am done.’
Escola: Yeah, I am getting stir-crazy and I am looking at hotels and things, pretending to plan a trip.

Her Cobble Hill sidekick Escola and longtime Greenwich Village resident Sedaris recently spoke about living in quarantine with taking baths and their cooking tips.

Do you have a go-to cooking idea for quarantine?

I am taking more time dicing and cutting. I am doing things slower in the kitchen. Like romanticizing the element that is cooking rather than, like, throwing it like an alcoholic could, and walk away for an hour. I am taking more time with things. However, I have one brand new recipe; that’s it. I just go to my stand-bys.

My boyfriend will come over sometimes and that he likes to cook, so he does this and then I eat the leftovers. It’s like an all-day activity when because I don’t really know how to do it I try to create something. I have to read the recipe, like, three times and everything.

What is your cooking tip, Cole?

Sedaris: Well, if you’re tanning and have a fire escape, you can stick out your legs and place bacon fat . But be careful.

What is the weirdest thing to do with it?

Guest stars this season will include Laura Benanti, Michael Cera, Ann Dowd, Rachel Dratch, Bridget Everett, Ana Gasteyer, David Alan Grier, Jackie Hoffman, Jane Krakowski, Debi Mazar, Michael McKean, Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Jason Sudeikis, Justin Theroux and more.

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