Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The sun rose and with it, the fear of a zombie attack subsided for now.   Chang ordered the wounds be treated and meals be prepared. Seo-bi helped the wounded get Chang and cleaned heard of the inhabitants of the region’s nutrition. Chang decided to give his food stash that was personal since they wanted it. Chang declared his intention. A villager, who offered to guide them since the villager was from Sangju approached him.   The Royal Army arrived at Jiyulheon and ordered Chang to surrender and be detained on charges of treason. The military started killing many shooting arrows into Jiyulheon and setting fire.

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4

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The Condition of the Kingship

Following a lengthy standoff, the military invaded Jiyulheon. Through a series of attacks, Mu-yeong and Chang managed to escape together with the villagers. The villagers setup for Sanjeong. Their manual, and chang Seo-bi set off to meet with Lord Ahn Hyeon. Back in Hanyang, the queen went to meet up with the king, but met the scholars’ head. This Haewon Cho Clan’s head enabled the scholars to find the king, although she ordered them to depart. The head of this Haewon Cho Clan revealed rsquo & that the king to the scholars;s clarified that the disease was ravaging the region of the country and zombified state. Kim Sun, the mind scholar, must be beheaded and was arrested for conspiring with Lee Chang.
Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4

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Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

in the past episode of Kingdom, Lee Chang revealed his identity to the magistrate and helped clean up the magistrate’s office after the zombie attack. Chang found that the king had died and was turned into a zombie. What does this installment have in store? Let’s find out as we see Kingdom season 1 episode 4!
Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4

Chang and Mu-yeong went to the docks and found the boat that had fled with the nobles on board. Seo-bi advised Chang to take the survivors all since the zombies could have a hard time. Chang took the villagers and agreed. In concealing, the team noticed many zombies along the forest path to Jiyulheon and thus they sprinted to Jiyulheon. The villagers passed to the safety of the settlement of Jiyulheon as the zombies awoke. They fortified and shut the gate that held the monsters at bay. Meanwhile on board, her son had been attracted by one of the nobles on the ship. It wreaked havoc and got out of its cage.

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