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The Incredible Hulk is easily one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters—he’s the big green guy with anger issues. Now, Marvel Studios is beefing up Bruce Banner’s role in their cinematic universe with an arc that’s set to play out over the course of three movies, starting in Thor: Ragnarok and continuing through the next two Avengers films. As for what shape that arc might take, that remains to be seen—but based on what we know, we can certainly make a few guesses. Some spoilers ahead…

The story so far | 0:24
Enter the Avengers | 1:10
Ragnarok and Planet Hulk | 1:51
Infinity War | 2:42
World War Hulk | 3:16
Days of Rage | 4:01
Banner vs. Hulk | 4:38
The Maestro | 5:09

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